Effective Giving Day

What is Effective Giving Day

If you're feeling overwhelmed by all of the important problems in the world, and you'd like to make a difference, you're not alone.

Effective Giving Day is designed to help you find causes that need the most support right now, learn how to support them and have a massive impact!

You will also have the chance to hear from special guests about their approach to effective giving, and the newest insights within philanthropy.

Why you should attend

Have you ever wondered how much you can actually improve the world through charitable giving? Our speakers will shed light on the key questions you have to answer if you care about having an impact:

Can non-profits make a dent on the world’s biggest problems?


Are all charities just as good? How can we compare them?


I want to give - but how can I decide which charities to support?


How can I be sure that my money will have real impact?

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