Michael Kremer

University Professor in Economics and the College and the Harris School of Public Policy, Director of the Development Innovation Lab, University of Chicago. Nobel Prize winner.

Professor Michael Kremer is one of the world’s most influential development economists. Prof. Kremer pioneered the use of randomised control trials to measure the impact of interventions and identify practical solutions which can benefit low-income people in developing countries. He has produced some of the most influential research in the field, notably a 20-year study showing the lasting positive effects of school-based deworming programmes, the development of new approaches to water treatment, and a series of studies showing how digitally delivered agricultural advice can cost-effectively improve outcomes for smallholder farmers.

Neil Buddy Shah

GiveWell, Managing Director

GiveWell is a nonprofit dedicated to finding outstanding giving opportunities and publishing the full details of our analysis to help donors decide where to give.

Leah Edgerton

Animal Charity Evaluators, Executive Director

Animal Charity Evaluators is a non-profit charity evaluator dedicated to finding and promoting the most effective ways to help animals.

Johannes Ackva

Founders Pledge, Climate Lead

Founders Pledge is a global community of entrepreneurs with the goal of finding and funding solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Charlie Bresler

The Life You Can Save, Executive Director

The Life You Can Save makes “smart giving simple” by curating a group of nonprofits that save or improve the most lives per dollar.

Siobhan Brenton

RC Forward, Manager of Operations

Jack Lewars

One for the World, Executive Director

One for the World is a movement of people revolutionizing charitable giving to end extreme poverty. Our members pledge 1% of their income to the world's most cost-effective charities.

Pablo Melchor

Ayuda Efectiva, President

Ayuda Efectiva has the mission of developing effective giving in Spain. Their Global Health Fund selects and supports the projects that improve the lives of people living in extreme poverty in the most cost-effective ways.

Sebastian Schwiecker

effektiv-spenden.org, Executive Director

effektiv-spenden.org enables German donors to support some of the worlds most effective charities in a tax deductible way. All our recommendations are vetted by independent experts from around the world.

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